RD 250 or 350 LC ?


The bikes are exactely the same appart :

-pistons & cylinders (diam. 54mm for 250 and 64mm for 350), cylinder head & gasket.


-Oil pump .

-Exhaust pipes .

-front brake (one disk on the 250), front master cylinder (5/8 for the 350 and 1/2 for the 250).

-Horn (1 for the 250 et 2 for the 350).

-Rear wheel ( Rubber cush drive for the 350 only)

For the first model ('80 to '83) the 250 is only 4Kg lower, 16% cheaper but 12HP lower too ! So it must be a good reason to get a 250 instead of a 350.



In England, until the 1st of February 1983, it was possible to ride bikes under 250 cm3 so you can imagine why the 250LC was popular... They just must have a "L" (learner) sticker in the front of the bike.

From 1st of February 1983, learners were limited to 125cc for solo motorcycle so some ugly "side car" appeared !


250 to 350 convertion


In England, this conversion was asked so often to dealers that YAMAHA MITSUI spreaded the against document which gives part list which are needed to upgrade the engine !

The English magazine MECHANICS (January 1983) gave as well these informations following many request from their readers !


250LC was popular in JAPAN because the licence for bike under 250 cm3 is the cheaper and easier to obtain.

In Australia and New Zealand, new licence owners must ride bikes less 251cm3 for the first 2 years.

In France there was no restrictions or interest like that so on '80 to '83 period, 5111 RD350LC (4L0 model) were sold and only 231 RD250LC (4L1 model)...

The 250 was available in Europe from '80 to '83, in Japan from '80 to the end ('91?), in Australia/New Zealand from '80 to the end ('91?) and never in USA and Canada.

Take a look on histories of RD/RZ250 LC , you will see the varieties of models in Japan/Australia/New Zealand compared to France/Germany !