(Most of the time, they were removed by owners of the bike).

Braking In for RD350LC
Fuel type (on fuel tank)
EUROPE RD350LC to RD350F2 (position on RD350F2)
SWITZERLAND RD350F2 1WU (position)
USA RZ350 48H/1EL
Specific for RZ350 in USA 48H/1EL
Battery breather pipe routing (inside side panel)
Tyre information (on chain guard)
RD350LC French / English
RD350 YPVS German / English
RD350F2 2UA (position)
RD350R 4CE6
Windshield cleaning instruction
RD350LC2 ('83 to '84)
RZ350 USA (only English langage)
RD350F1 / F2 ('85 to '91)
Inside top fairing on RD350LC2 / RZ350 YPVS ('83 to '85)


European electromagnetic compatibility certification

A circle containing the letter ‘E’, followed by the distinguishing number of the country granting
the approval

'80 - '82 RD350LC (Position on frame)
'83/'84 RD350LC2
'85 RD350 N&F (Position on frame) on motorcycles from France
'86 RD350F2 (Position on frame or other position) on motorcycles from France
'86 RD350N2 (Position on frame) on motorcycles from Germany

Here are all numbers of the country granting the approval:

1 for Germany, 2 for France, 3 for Italy, 4 for the Netherlands, 5 for Sweden, 6 for Belgium, 7 for Hungary, 8 for the Czech Republic, 9 for Spain, 10 for Serbia, 11 for the United Kingdom, 12 for Austria, 13 for Luxembourg, 14 for Switzerland, 16 for Norway, 17 for Finland, 18 for Denmark, 19 for Romania, 20 for Poland, 21 for Portugal, 22 for the Russian Federation, 23 for Greece, 24 for Ireland, 25 for Croatia, 26 for Slovenia, 27 for Slovakia, 28 for Belarus, 29 for Estonia, 31 for Bosnia and Herzegovina, 32 for Latvia, 34 for Bulgaria, 36 for Lithuania, 37 for Turkey, 39 for Azerbaijan, 40 for The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 42 for the European Community (Approvals are granted by its Member States using their respective ECE symbol), 43 for Japan, 45 for Australia, 46 for Ukraine, 47 for South Africa, 48 for New Zealand, 49 for Cyprus, 50 for Malta, 51 for the Republic of Korea, 52 for Malaysia, 53 for Thailand, 56 for Montenegro and 58 for Tunisia.


Other stickers which remain on the motorcycles most of the time