WHAT'S NEW ON THIS UPDATE: 2nd of December 2018


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New RD250LC 4L0 publicity


New microfiche for Spanish '86 RD350N2 1WR model


RD350LC Bikini fairing kit


New magazine covers


New European RD250LC2 31L '83 model YAMAHA studio pictures. The Japanese market counter part was the lRZ250R 29L de '83.


New European RD250LC2 31L '84 model YAMAHA studio pictures



Previous update


New drawing from Japan


New VIN / compliance plate from Austrialian


German version of RD350LC 4L0 file press


Official RD jacket publicity on advertising object page


New 31K FILE PRESS from March '83 (rated power was still not frozen: 50hp)


New Australian RZ250R 1GA model YAMAHA studio pictures


New Australian RZ250R 1XH model YAMAHA studio pictures. This model is very rare, if you own one, please contact me.


New '83 YAMAHA service guide with technical info on this new model

New magazine covers