WHAT'S NEW ON THIS UPDATE: 19th of March 2017



Update of the history of RD350LC in UK.


New YAMAHA NEWS english version

Several new pictures from RD 350 LC cup.

Warning for the kickstart operation

RD350N2/F2 1UA/1WT: Section of the silencers: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4.

New front pages



RZ350L USA with optional solo seat

End of '85 RZ350NC2 for California



New prototype pics


Prototype pics


The RD350LC in Brazil features in YAMAHA NEWS magazine


RD350F2 2UA




Previous update: 28th of October 2016

After 16 years of search, finaly I have found my first Brazilian brochure from the first RD350LC '86 1YH model !!!

All scans on the 1YH page showing details and the optional full fairing.

New bigger picture of the first '86 RD350LC 1YH in Brazil out from the assembly line


After 16 years of search, finaly I have found scans of a Brazilian brochure (from '91 RD350R twin headlight) !!!


Picture of the assembly line at the factory of Manaus in Brazil. YAMAHA MOTOR DA AMAZONIA


Update of the page Made in Brazil


'89 RD350 Export brochure from Brazil


New bigger picture


'93 full line Brazil


New picture of '86 1YH RD350LC from Brazil with optional fairing


'86 pré-série RD350LC 1YH from Brazil with different brake disks from serial production


'86 YAMAHA full line


'88 publicity from Brazil:

Translation of the upper text:

"You have two ways to buy the best motorcycle. You buy here a Yamaha RD350 fully national or go to Europe and buy a Yamaha RD350 imported from Brazil"

This model was exported to Spain & Italy and YAMAHA motor da Amazonia is clearly proud of it !









New '80 YAMAHA pipe DRAWING of RD250/350LC.


New page for part colors guide of RD250/350LC to help restoration.


Update of the page 250 or 350 ?


New page with links to Facebook pages


New RZ250 drawings


New RZ/RD350 drawing


YAMAHA publicity on 34 x 34cm cardboard for UK


New picture of the paint dot which identify new RD250/350LC pipes on the fixation bracket


New picture showing diffence between RD250LC & RD350LC pipe


New pictures at Yamaha Communication Plaza in Tokyo


New publicities from Germany