Update from the 20th of February 2021:


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'90 full line BROCHURE from CANADA


Wheels difference between Canada & Europe


Plastic cover on the headlight stay carry over parts from RD350F (57V) from Europe on RD350LC 1YH from Brazil


RD350H assembly manual from Canada Thanks to Martin Donahue for the scans !

Card information with was attached to the bike at the dealer


Various pictures from Brazil: RD350 Export rear wheel, aftermaket fairings and pre-series RD350LC '86 1YH.


Colorings from YAMAHA

RZ350L '85


RD350LC '86/'87



Front cover




Carburettor marking


New YAMAHA studio pictures from RD350F2 2UA model



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Facebook page link update


Brochure variation: Some '86 RD350F2 1WT brochure have white/red model side view and other have blue/yellow model


New drawings


Better scan of the bikini instruction & Flyer for French, Swedish, Dutch and German languages


Pictures of Spanish RD350 cup and French cup


Pro-AM publicities


Pictures of Brazilian RD350 cup trophy


RD350R rider view


RD250/350LC bikini fairing publicity and full fairing picture


Pictures of RD350LC / TZ350 from Yamaha variant of the picture brochure


RD350LC pre-serie from Brazil & '89 1YH "Export" model from Brazil


Various publicity from Brazil: Um grande agradecimento a Solano Bouvie (obrigado ao Valdir Teles pela ajuda) !

vídeo com publicidade de motocicleta antiga: https://www.youtube.com/

canal do Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/vamosdemoto


publicity from Spain


Free helmet given by the dealer Motoplay if you buy a RD350LC in Brazil !


Specific upper fairing option for Canada: "Adds to the look and performance" :-)

1982 "accessories by YAMAHA" catalog for Canada


Pictures from Paris bike show in '79 and Foire de Lyon '80


Front cover