Update from the 23rd of January 2023:


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Specific parts for Canada


New page with heritage of the RZ/RD on the XSR700/900 motorcycles.


Nico Bakker brochure


Various pictures and new drawings


Alan Carter Pro-Am


RD350LC Cup - Copa


Update of parts identification page with YPVS control units

On 51L & 1UA controllers the references are often erased but you can identify them with the electric sheath which are black & white for 51L and black & blue for 1UA


Update of social network page





Previous update:

RD350LC Cup - Copa


4L0 with the mistaken spare part fuel tank sold around year 2000


4L1 / 4L0 frame drawing - 29L/31K & 1YH from Brazil frames


YAMAHA after-market advice to apply stickers (in French)


'84 RZ350L 48H - '85 RZ350 N/NC 1EL Workshop manual for USA



My third brochure from Brazil !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Valdir from Brazil for the help :-)




Brochures from UK


Publicity from Germany