Update from the 12th of February 2022:


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RD350LC Cup - Copa


4L0 with the mistaken spare part fuel tank sold around year 2000


4L1 / 4L0 frame drawing - 29L/31K & 1YH from Brazil frames


YAMAHA after-market advice to apply stickers (in French)


'84 RZ350L 48H - '85 RZ350 N/NC 1EL Workshop manual for USA



My third brochure from Brazil !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Valdir from Brazil for the help :-)




Brochures from UK


Publicity from Germany



Previous update:

New pics of not perforated brake disks for RD350LC Brazil '86 to '88


New pics from RD350LC cup / copa (Thanks to Valdir Teles from Brazil for the picture rework !)


New page about a family resemblance


Carbs / oil pump setting Air inlet in German and now translated in English (Thanks to Frank UWE from germany !)


New and better scans of publicities




Previous update:

New link:

AEB développement, specific parts: https://aeb-developpement.com/


New microfiches:

'86 RD350F2 1WU for Switzerland

'86 RD350F2 1WW 50hp for Germany

'86 RD350F2 1WX 27hp for Germany

'88 RD350F2 3DJ1 50hp for Germany

'88 RD350F2 3DK1 27hp for Germany

4L0 '80 57V '85 31K '84 1JF '85 31K '83 1WT '86 4L0 '81 4L0 '82 3DH1 '88


'82 full fairing option on 4L1 RD250LC (with the front indicator where they should be)